Keep You Eyes Open for Morton Dollars

They may not be super hot now but keep your eyes out for Morton Dollars. What are Morton Dollars? These are bills that are signed by the Treasurer Azie Taylor-Morton. She was the first and only African American to be the Treasurer for the US Treasury Department.

I did a quick look on Ebay and noticed that a few of the bills are selling as a set. Collectors are gathering a bill from each of the 12 Districts in the US. You can click the picture below to be  taken to the auction.

ezra taylor morton

So keep your eyes open for any bills you see from 1977-1981 which have her signature. It is my prediction that these bills will only escalate in value. They will be in your circulated money and remember that condition also means a lot.

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Look in Your Pocket Change for 2009 District of Columbia Quarters

For those of you who love jazz it would be great to check out your pocket change. On the reverse of all 2009 District of Columbia quarters is the sculpted image of jazz great Duke Ellington. Read more about the quarter you might find in your pocket change with Duke Ellington on the reverse  by clicking this link.


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Do You Have Any War Nickels in Your Pocket Change?

What are War Nickels?

War nickels are Jefferson nickels  made during the years of the war (1942-1945). The nickel was needed for the war effort so it was taken out of the nickel and replaced with 35% silver.

So, these nickels are, of course, going to be worth more than 5 cents because of the value of the silver at the time you redeem it. Remember that silver prices change daily. When you want to check on the price of silver for any given day just click on this like for the price of silver.

What do I do if I find a War Nickel in my pocket change?

If you are building a collection of nickels of course you can them to your collection. But if you are just looking to sell them check with your local coin dealer for the value.

You can sell them on Ebay.  Of course the better the condition the better the price. If you nickel looks super great you can get a super price. But note, that you should not attempt to grade your coin.  Check with reference books or get an idea from your coin dealer on the grade of your coin.

If you post it on Ebay you can always take a good picture and suggest that the buyer grades it them self. You can describe it the best you can. Check out the prices for some war nickels that sold  on Ebay.

1942 P Circulated in good to very good condition

100 Unsearched War Nickels 1942-1945

26 Wartime Nickels

Check out that pocket change!


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What is Your Error Coin Worth?

Ok, I just saw this site that gives an estimate on error coins and the type of error coins out there. Note that I have not compiled a list of where to send your coin once you discover and error. But I am pulling something together soon.

Meanwhile, check out this link to error coins and be encouraged to put them aside until I locate some places to send them

Read this list of error coins and approx. value now.


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Let’s Talk About Error Coins-1969S Double Die

Read this article about the discovery of a 1969S double die coin. Remember, the S means that it was minted in San Francisco.

You wil get excited when you read about this coin. It is well worth the time looking if you actually find one. Read this article about the find of a 1969S double die coin.


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Let’s Talk About Error Coins-Video Showing Obvious Errors

I don’t know why I am fascinated with error coins. I am constantly looking for them and it is totally against my personality. I do not tend to be very exacting or as focused as many who are involved in collecting error coins. I think the reason I am captivated is because I do not play the lottery or pull down the arm at the casinos. So for me being on the  hunt for error coins instills in me the same thrill.

When I first started looking for error coins I just wanted to know what they looked like. Now, I have the reference books and get a kick out of seeing the pictures or a real one in person. Soon, I hope to identify them quickly enough to separate them from other coins and research them more in depth.

So, enjoy a short video showing you some very obvious coin errors you can find IN YOU POCKET CHANGE.  This video is by an error coin collector.


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If You Find Coins With A ‘S’ Mint Mark Should You Pull It Out Of Your Pocket Change? Part 1

If you find a coin in your pocket change with the ‘S” mint mark, YES you should pull it out of your pocket change. Why? Because the  ’S’ mint mark means that the coin was minted in San Francisco. Read what Wikepedia says about the San Francisco Mint:

The San Francisco branch, opened in 1854 to serve the goldfields of the California Gold Rush, uses an S mint mark. It quickly outgrew its first building and moved into a new facility in 1874. This building, one of the few that survived the great earthquake of 1906, served until 1937, when the present facility was opened. It was closed in 1955, then reopened a decade later during the coin shortage of the mid-60s. In 1968, it took over most proof-coinage production from Philadelphia, and since 1975, it has been used solely for proof coinage, with the exception of the Anthony dollar and a portion of the mintage of cents in the early 1980s. (These cents are indistinguishable from those minted at Philadelphia.)

So keep an eye on that pocket change!

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Do You Have Any Wheat Pennies?

Do you have any wheat pennies? They are those pennies with the picture of wheat on the reverse side. Now if you recall the reverse does not show the picture of Lincoln (that is the obverse) Well I have an article I want you to read about seven valuable wheat pennies you just might find in your pocket change.

Since I am sending you to an article on another website I did not include any pictures in this post. Please read this article about the seven wheat pennies you should look for in your pocket change right now!

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Pocket Change Lottery

My fascination with pocket change errors has seriously been a wonderful alternative to the lottery. You see if I look through $10.00 worth of lottery tickets I may or may not have a winner. If I don’t I tear up the tickets and have a bitter sweet memory of the money I spent to purchase them. But if I look through $10.00 worth of coins and don’t find any gems, ha, I still have the money. I can then proceed roll them for deposit.

Here is an excellent article from the author of , How to Strike it Rich With Pocket Change., Scott Traver. His book, alone, got me hooked on looking through all my pocket change. I am truly addicted. I have magnifying glasses and look like a jeweler looking through my coins. Check out the book.

Read this insightful article called, Pocket Change Lottery. Then go and look at your pocket change.

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Check Out the Lincoln Cents in Your Pocket Change

It is almost unbelievable how much treasures can be in our pocket change. Well, that is one of the reasons I put up this blog. I want to share with others the things I am discovering.

Well, I just read an article about the Lincoln pennies that have value in our pocket change. So, please read this article.

You can find valuable cents in your pocket change.

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